Saturday, July 15, 2006

Meet The New Who

Go ahead and insert your "Hope I die before I get old" joke here. Umm, yeah. Just another cliched opening line for a cliched article about the Who reuniting for a world tour. At least they were smart enough this time around not to call it a "Farewell tour." They used that moniker way back in the eighties. (Hey KISS, are you listening?)

For those of you that haven't heard yet, Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey, the two surviving members of the band announced that they will kick off their first world tour in over 20 years. Sure, they've toured the states, and played dates in Europe during that span, but they've yet to do one across the world. Apparently it's big news that the magic bus has stops in South America. Bonus too: They're touring to support the release of their first studio album since 1982's "It's Hard," tenantively called "Who 2." The new album is scheduled for release in October.

"Why make a record under 'The Who' brand if you like, unless we are really going to go out there and get behind it properly, do a world tour. All these years... I had a son in 1989, he is 16 now, he has grown up and that is why I am here, he wants to come and see 'The Who' at rock festivals so I come," Townshend said. That Pete, he sure likes his children! Yeah, I said it. What, you weren't thinking it?

So how will they sound? They'll rock. I'm just sayin. Take a listen to a yesterday and today version of "Won't Get Fooled Again," and you be the judge. The newer version is from a concert I attended at The Greek Theater in 2002, the other track is from disc 2 of the deluxe version of "Who's Next," and was recorded in 1971.

For your consideration:
Won't Get Fooled Again (Live, 1971) - The Who MP3

Won't Get Fooled Again (Live at the Greek Theater, September, 2002) - The Who MP3


Abz said...

did you watch that webcast too?
the host guy was the most boring person i've ever seen.

I'M JUST SAYIN said...

No, I totally missed it. I heard they played a couple of songs too. I'm gonna check You Tube and see if it's there. I'm Just Sayin