Friday, January 05, 2007

The Saddest Song In The World:
The Lonely Man Theme

According to British research most people list The Verve's hit "The Drugs Don't Work" as the saddest song to listen to. Dr. Harry Witchel from the University of Bristol Medical School monitored volunteers' heart rates to see which tracks made people feel happy, sad or exhilarated. The Verve's track topped a list of 10 sad songs, including Robbie Williams' "Angels", Elton John's "Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word" and Sinbad O'Connor's "Nothing Compares 2 U."

Not me, none of those songs even come close to how I feel when I hear Joe Harnell's haunting opening notes echo from the piano. I had this song ringing in my head today... all day. It's "The Lonely Man Theme (From 'The Incredible Hulk')" That, my friends, is the saddest song in the world. Don't disagree with me, it will make me angry. And you wouldn't like me when I'm angry.

So what is your take on the saddest song in the world? Leave me some claims will ya?

Or just take the damn mp3, and be on your way.

For Your Consideration:
Joe Harnell - The Lonely Man Theme (From "The Incredible Hulk") Mp3

The Megan Mullally Show: R.I.P

When will network executives finally learn that you can't just give anyone their own talkshow? Chevy Chase, Magic Johnson, Roseanne, Rick Dees, Joan Rivers, Pat Sajak... Megan Mullally. Ugh.

My Morning Jacket: It Still Moves

Heya folks, I'm going tomorrow night to see one of my favorite up and coming bands "My Morning Jacket." Yes, I'll admit that I hadn't heard of them before their album "Z" came out, but you can consider me a pretty hardcore fan now. I was at the Los Angeles premier screening of their concert DVD "Okonokos," and enjoyed it immensely. I also saw them perform in Chicago over the holidays with the Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra at the Riviera Theater. The general consensus of that show was that as great as the band was, their effort was for naught because the acoustics in the theater were awful. I totally concur, which is why I am really looking forward to hearing them at the Wiltern here in LA. I'll hopefully have a full review for you sometime next week. Till then, enjoy this offering of "It Still Moves," MMJ's 2003 offering that is reminiscent of the early-'70s "Laurel Canyon" sound, with some of the Grateful Dead's American Beauty thrown in for good measure. Tracks to listen for are the moving "Golden" (one of my favorites), the Brian Wilson-ish "Mahgeetah," and the Band-ish-like "One Big Holiday."

1. Mahgeetah
2. Dancefloors
3. Golden
4. Master Plan
5. One Big Holiday
6. I Will Sing You Songs
7. Easy Morning Rebel
8. Run Thru
9. Rollin Back
10. Just One Thing
11. Steam Engine
12. One In The Same

For Your Consideration:
My Morning Jacket - It Still Moves Mp3 (Megaupload link)

Five By Foo: Cover Songs

What are Foo Fighters? Well, in World War II, Foo Fighters were slang for UFO's. It also happens to be the name of a truly great band, consisting of Dave Grohl (Vocals, Guitar), Nate Mendel (Bass), and Taylor Hawkins (Drums). The boys finally released their first live album recently called "SKIN AND BONES." It captures the band's critically-acclaimed 2006 acoustic tour with 15 special performances of songs spanning the band's career.

They're also known to do a few cover songs. Each one reveals a little something about the band, their influences, and what they listened to when they were little foos. I've collected a few of them over the years, and I thought you might want to check them out. My favorite one is Baker Street. I am always amazed at how well they kept true to the original version of the song, yet completely made it their own. Let me know if you agree.

Here's what you're in for:

Baker Street:
Gerry Rafferty song which the Foo Fighters covered at Maida Vale Studios for their 1997 BBC Session.

Born On The Bayou:
ide to the Resolve single. Performed live for the Katrina relief telethon. Originally recorded by Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Darling Nikki:
Prince song recorded by the band during the One By One sessions.

Have A Cigar:
B-side to the Learn To Fly single, originally recorded by Pink Floyd. Taylor Hawkins in featured on vocals.

I Feel Free:
Recorded during the In Your Honor sessions, appears on the "5 Songs And A Cover" cd. Originally recorded by Cream.

For Your Consideration:
Foo Fighters: Five By Foo Mp3s

...and how about this one too?

Thursday, January 04, 2007

The O.C. Ya!

Other possible headlines: "Summer and Seth Goin" "The O.C. Flies the Coop!" Ooh, one more? "The Grinch that cancelled Christmukkah." Ok, too much. I get it.

That's right, the Fox network announced that "The O.C." and it's soundtrack enriched with today's indie artists is no more. Gone are my beloved Summer and Seth, Ryan and Angst, Sandy Cohen and Shmear. The O.C. will finish out its current season when the final episode airs on Feb. 22. And if you didn't see this one coming, then you also must have missed the episode where Oliver jumped the shark. Granted, this season has seen a slight return to the show's better days, but the writing was on the Bait Shop's wall as soon as Coop died in Ryan's arms last season.
In a statement released yesterday, The O.C. creator Josh Schwartz said, "It has been an amazing experience and a great run. For a certain audience, at a certain time, The O.C. has meant something. For that we are grateful."

For a really well written article on the O.C. as a cultural phenomenon, read this one from The Independent entitled: "
It's so over for The OC: Orange County loses TV appeal"

Now, will someone please get Melinda Clarke (Julie Cooper) her own series? Perhaps something where she solves mysteries while wearing short skirts? Look, we already knew her as "Lady Heather" from C.S.I, so why not give her a try? And yes, I have a crush on her.

Some people will blame Autumn Reeser (Taylor) for the show's downfall. But really, how can you blame anyone with a tucus like that? Doesn't Dimension Films have some "Scream" or "Saw" ripoff in development for her to use as a star vehicle? As Howard Stern would say, "Ooofah."

The Incredible Bongo Band: Bongo Rock

So I'm watching ABC's premier of "The Knights Of Prosperity," it's this new show about a bunch of goofballs who try to rob Mick Jagger ala "Ocean's 11." Now, I'm always up for a good comedy (and not up for one hour dramas about them) so I gave it a shot, ya know? Quick review? It'll be "on hiatus" before they get through Mick's front door. Oh well. But it did have two things going for it. One, it is better than Studio 60. (I know, I know, that's not saying much) And two? Apache. You may not know it by name, but you sure as hell know it by ear. That bongo anthem of 1973 was all over the soundtrack. It certainly set the mood for the show.

So, I'm diggin, and I can't believe I finally found this floating around the net. If you don't have these albums in your collection, you are a total claimer. It's hard to find, but now, I bring it to you. You need it just for Apache alone!

"Unlikely godfathers of hip-hop, the Incredible Bongo Band was a revolving-door group of studio musicians led by bongo player Michael Viner, who by day worked as an executive at the MGM label and ran its short-lived Pride subsidiary. Viner had worked on Bobby Kennedy's ill-fated presidential campaign before entering the music industry as a talent scout and A&R man in Los Angeles. By the early '70s, he was successful enough to start his pet side project the Incredible Bongo Band, taking unused studio time to record percussion-heavy instrumentals and pop covers with African and Latin influences. He placed two songs on the soundtrack of the 1972 B-movie The Thing With Two Heads, released on Pride, and the following year issued the first Incredible Bongo Band full-length, Bongo Rock, which reportedly featured a guest spot by Ringo Starr. Viner's funked-up version of the Shadows' "Apache" went on to become one of hip-hop's earliest breakbeat staples, as first-generation hip-hop DJs Kool Herc and Grandmaster Flash came to rely on its percussion breaks to get block parties moving. "Apache" went on to provide the basis for the Sugarhill Gang's hit of the same name, and stands as one of the most sampled tracks in hip-hop history. The single "Bongo Rock" charted in the lower reaches of both the pop and R&B lists, and eventually assumed a status similar to "Apache" in the hip-hop world (though with lesser magnitude). Viner assembled a follow-up album, The Return of the Incredible Bongo Band, in 1974, but the band came to a halt not long after; Viner was getting overly ambitious (a planned session with the London Symphony Orchestra fell through), and mainstay drummer Jim Gordon fell prey to severe mental difficulties, all of which spelled the end of the road." (AMG Biography by Steve Huey)

For Your Consideration:
The Incredible Bongo Band
Bongo Rock (160)
The Return Of the Incredible Bongo Band (160)

Rapidshare Link, Password: xhellstromx

U2's Very First Release: Three

Ok, I'm totally claimin. Two U2 postings this year? Claimer. But I had to. Look, this single is U2's very first release and is one of four that predate the band's 1980 debut album, Boy. Don't you want it? What, you have it already? Didn't think so.

"U2 Three" is special because it is the earliest U2 collectible you can find. In 1979, when U2 were a long way from conquering the world, the Ireland division of CBS Records released 1,000 copies of U2 Three on vinyl as a hand-numbered, limited-edition 12". Subsequent pressings are known through 1982, including a collectible set called 4 U2 Play. This single contains earlier recordings of the songs "Out of Control" and "Stories for Boys," which appear on Boy, and the non-LP track "Boy/Girl." U2 Three was recorded before producer Steve Lillywhite signed on. The U2 Three single has never been released on CD.

...but you can have it now.

For your consideration:
U2 - Three (7') Mp3

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

From Lute To Loot:
The Police To Reunite?

When did Sting become a total claimer? Right about the time he became a VH1 artist of the month back in the 90's. He hasn't rocked since. When did Sting hit rock bottom? My guess is when he decided to record an album in October 2006, entitled "Songs From The Labyrinth." It featured the music of John Dowland (an Elizabethan-era composer) and accompaniment from Bosnian lute player Edin Karamazov. As a part of the promotion of this album, he appeared on the least funny show about a funny show ever made, "Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip" during which he performed a segment of Dowland's "Come Again" as well as his own "Fields of Gold" in the arrangement for voice and two archlutes. Two people bought the album, one returned it. The other, a grandmother from Stockton California plays it to annoy the neighborhood children.

Well, it looks like Sting has bottomed out, and decided to rock.

A Spokesman for A&M records said "“Next year is the 30th anniversary of the release of ‘Roxanne,’ the first Police single. It is our intention to mark the anniversary by doing something special with the band's catalogue of songs. Needless to say, everyone is hopeful the band will support our plans and while early discussions have taken place, nothing has been decided.” Yet rehearsal dates have already been planned, say music industry sources. "They were intending to make an announcement in January after all the tour dates had been finalised. They are speaking to venues about playing in May and June."
The group, who have not played together since they split in 1984, are only planning a series of summer concerts across the UK, there has been no talk about the band playing the states.

But if there's money to be made? The Police will play the states. There will even be a concert CD and DVD too. My guess is The Eagles will have some competition on the racks at WalMart.

Here's what we might have to look forward to:

Where It's At:
Beck Live on Sessions At West 54th

I ain't no claimer. No way. Wanna know why? Because I had to share this concert with you. Let me set the picture for ya. Building steam from his previous release of "Mellow Gold," as "Loser" became the rally cry to Gen X-ers everywhere, Beck's follow up "Odelay" was released in June of 1996. The album proved to audiences everywhere that he was more than just a one hit wonder, and to support it, he taped this show for PBS. The concert highlights everything that we love about the artist. He twists the conventions of familiar genres, whether it's blues ("Devil's Haircut"), country ("Rowboat", "One Foot In The Grave"), soul (The Prince inspired "Debra"), or hip-hop (the lavishly funked up "Where It's At"). You're gonna love this one, the sound quality is great, and it's bitrate is 192. Unfortunately, the MP3's are separated into two parts, so you're gonna have to download both, but it'll be worth it. Say Oooh La La Sasoon!

Look at this set list (it's sick!):
1 D-Day Intro
2 Devils Haircut
3 Novacane
4 Hotwax
5 Debra
6 Intro #2
7 The New Pollution
8 Sissyneck
9 Derelict
10 Rowboat
11 Ramshackle
12 One Foot in the Grave
13 Asshole
14 Commentary
15 Jack-ass
16 Where It's At - Make Out City

For your consideration:
Beck - Sessions At West 54th Mp3 (Part 1)
Beck - Sessions At West 54th Mp3 (Part 2)

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

What Would Tyler Durden Do?

Seriously folks, are you as tired of total claimers like Britney, Lindsay, and Paris as I am? Then you gotta go check out "What Would Tyler Durden Do?"

Here's their blog description:

"What Would Tyler Durden Do" is a blog focused on bringing you the latest gossip and news about rich and famous celebrities. And then making fun of them. Why? Because fuck them, that's why.

They consistently post unflattering photos, and truely hysterical commentary. His take on Jessica Alba playing football in a swimsuit is priceless. Click on their logo to getcha there.

January Second Thoughts

A lot of people at some point in their festivities watched either Carson or Ryan (and Dick) on New Year's Eve. 90 million of us apparently. So who was the better host? Well, honestly speaking, I find both of them annoying, but if I had to pick a "winner," it would be Carson Daly.

Here's why: Watch the countdown as Dick Clark and Ryan Seacrest would have wanted you to see it.

Now, I wish I had some video of Carson's countdown, but unfortunately there isn't any available (yet). Regardless, here is why Carson was the better host. Taking a cue from Dodger Hall Of Fame Announcer Vin Scully, he let the moment speak for itself and shut the hell up. From 11:59pm till the drop of the ball, NBC went without an announcer. They let the party speak for itself, which is the way it ought to be. Good job Carson, now if you could just apply that theory to your late night talk show, which seriously is a train wreck.

On a side note, as much as it pains me to say this, it was disheartening to watch Dick Clark. Throughout the night it appeared that Dick was struggling with his words. Still recovering from his stroke, Dick even made a slight "blooper" of his own. He was slightly behind the ABC clock, and jumped from 11 to nine.

Pearl Jam Touring Band 2006

For your consideration, I found a bunch of Pearl Jam 2006 shows (31 total) available at one site. I saw the band at the Forum in Los Angeles last year (unfortunately that show was not available at this link) and they were spectacular. Read my review of that show here.

Be sure to grab the Honolulu and Chicago shows, they were especially memorable.

Sunday, December 31, 2006

Billboard's Top 100 Hits of 2006!

Here it is folks, I found this floatin round the net,
and I am passing it on to you..

Billboard Magazine's Top 100 Hits of 2006
all in one HUGE file! (624.3MB of Mp3's)

So If you don't have it grab it now before the link expires!
Just click on the picture!

Billboard's List of the Top 100 of 2006: