Thursday, January 04, 2007

U2's Very First Release: Three

Ok, I'm totally claimin. Two U2 postings this year? Claimer. But I had to. Look, this single is U2's very first release and is one of four that predate the band's 1980 debut album, Boy. Don't you want it? What, you have it already? Didn't think so.

"U2 Three" is special because it is the earliest U2 collectible you can find. In 1979, when U2 were a long way from conquering the world, the Ireland division of CBS Records released 1,000 copies of U2 Three on vinyl as a hand-numbered, limited-edition 12". Subsequent pressings are known through 1982, including a collectible set called 4 U2 Play. This single contains earlier recordings of the songs "Out of Control" and "Stories for Boys," which appear on Boy, and the non-LP track "Boy/Girl." U2 Three was recorded before producer Steve Lillywhite signed on. The U2 Three single has never been released on CD.

...but you can have it now.

For your consideration:
U2 - Three (7') Mp3

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