Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Where It's At:
Beck Live on Sessions At West 54th

I ain't no claimer. No way. Wanna know why? Because I had to share this concert with you. Let me set the picture for ya. Building steam from his previous release of "Mellow Gold," as "Loser" became the rally cry to Gen X-ers everywhere, Beck's follow up "Odelay" was released in June of 1996. The album proved to audiences everywhere that he was more than just a one hit wonder, and to support it, he taped this show for PBS. The concert highlights everything that we love about the artist. He twists the conventions of familiar genres, whether it's blues ("Devil's Haircut"), country ("Rowboat", "One Foot In The Grave"), soul (The Prince inspired "Debra"), or hip-hop (the lavishly funked up "Where It's At"). You're gonna love this one, the sound quality is great, and it's bitrate is 192. Unfortunately, the MP3's are separated into two parts, so you're gonna have to download both, but it'll be worth it. Say Oooh La La Sasoon!

Look at this set list (it's sick!):
1 D-Day Intro
2 Devils Haircut
3 Novacane
4 Hotwax
5 Debra
6 Intro #2
7 The New Pollution
8 Sissyneck
9 Derelict
10 Rowboat
11 Ramshackle
12 One Foot in the Grave
13 Asshole
14 Commentary
15 Jack-ass
16 Where It's At - Make Out City

For your consideration:
Beck - Sessions At West 54th Mp3 (Part 1)
Beck - Sessions At West 54th Mp3 (Part 2)

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