Friday, August 18, 2006

KZLA-FM dumps country music format and welcomes Rick Dees!

Los Angeles doesn't love it's country... music that is. It was announced that KZLA-FM is switching formats from country to a more "dance-ready pop format," and will mark the return of Rick Dees to the morning show. Seriously, how does that guy keep finding work? "Movin 93.9" will no longer play Shania, Toby, or even Carrie Underwood, it will feature acts like Beyonce, Gnarls Barkley, and Gwen Stephani.

Hey, on the bright side, at least it didn't go all Spanish. Racist? No. Just scan the FM dial in Los Angeles. There are only 3 stations that play anything that rocks, and like 3 that play anything in the hip-hop realm. The rest is all Spanish speaking. The newer, more adventurous formats can all be found on subscription based radio.

KZLA had long been one of the nation's top country stations, and billed itself as "America's most listened-to country station." But its ratings had steadily slipped in recent years. "It's definitely going to leave a big hole in the national country music radio landscape," said Wade Jessen, director of Nashville-based charts for Billboard magazine and country editor for Radio & Records, which Billboard recently acquired. "L.A. is such an important market. The business leaders here in Nashville are not going to see that as any sort of good news, and for good reason."

t is not known what date Dees will take over the morning slot or if he will play his 1977 classic, "Disco Duck."

For your consideration:
Rick Dees - Disco Duck Mp3

Thursday, August 17, 2006

JonBenet Murderer Confesses!
Dan "The Del Taco Guy" Lands New Role

I have to admit, I thought this one would never be solved. Then again earlier this year, we found out who "Deep Throat" was, and that mystery took thirty years to reveal itself. Well, it looks like the unsolved case of the brutal murder of child beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey has taken a huge step toward closure once and for all. John Mark Karr, who was employed as a second grade school teacher (eww) in Bangkok, Thailand made a stunning confession yesterday that he killled her. I say forget going to trial, this case doesn't need it. Does the dude have three names? Then he's guilty. Look at the history of killers with three names, John Wilkes Booth (Abe Lincoln), Lee Harvey Oswald (John Kennedy), Mark David Chapman (John Lennon), and of course John David Stutts (Buckwheat). Go ahead and add John Mark Karr to that list.

Three names, I'm just sayin'.
Karr told the press how he loved JonBenet, and was with her when she died but that her death was an accident. And even though he was sketchy on the details of the murder, he answered flatly when asked if he was innocent: "No."

I was with JonBenet when she died. Her death was an accident. I am so very sorry for what happened to JonBenet," he told the AP.

Ok, the guy admitted to the act, and has three names. Get the chair ready, and somebody lock up the movie rights. Side note: look at that picture, umm, my gaydar is flying off the charts! Is yours? If it ain't my gaydar, then it's something, cause that guy looks creepy. Perhaps it's the buttoned up short sleeve shirt. Wait on second thought, it ain't my gaydar, no mary would ever allow himself to dress that way, especially if there were cameras present.

Speaking of the made for TV movie, I know exactly who should play the bastard. Ladies and gentlemen, Dan "The Del Taco Guy!"

So we will soon know more than we already know about the murder of a beauty queen. Karr is supposed to return to Colorado next week. DNA tests have already been performed as well.

For Your Consideration:
She Wants Revenge - Tear You Apart Mp3

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Punch Or Lunch?

Heya folks, new feature here, it's called "Punch or Lunch." It will feature people and things who I either want to punch or buy lunch. Let's try it shall we?

Actor, Justin Long of the film "Accepted" and "Mac" in those Mac commercials. Punch or Lunch?

Answer: Punch. Pull him up from the strings of his blue hoodie and punch him right in the friggin nugget.

The cast of "Rescue Me." Punch or Lunch?

Answer: Lunch. It's the easily the best television show of the summer. "Rescue Me" is a delightful blend of gritty drama and goofy comedy that tackles topics as serious as 9/11, rape, death, and alcoholism. If you haven't caught it yet, you are missing out. Don't be a retard (yep, that's a "Rescue Me" inside joke), catch the last two episodes remaing of this season on FX, then rent the DVDs of previous seasons, trust me.

Baby Seals. Punch or Lunch?

Answer: It's a toughie, but PUNCH! Anything that cute likely needs to be taken down a notch. I'm just sayin!

So what do you think? Cast your votes in the comment section, and let me hear ya!

Hey, What's That Song?
The 5,6,7,8's "Woo Hoo"

Inevitably there's always that question asked, "Hey, what's that song that I heard in that..." Well, here at (i'm just sayin'), I intend to answer it for ya. The 5,6,7,8's song "Woo Hoo" is quite a familiar one isn't it? Well you likely heard it in the movie "Kill Bill" and in television commercials for Vonage. The 5,6,7,8's are an all female, three-piece Japanese rock band out of Tokoyo, whose music is influenced by surf music and garage rock. The group got their name because they love '50s, '60s, '70s, and '80s rock. Enjoy the video and for your consideration, enjoy the song too.

For your consideration:

The 5,6,7,8's - Woo Hoo Mp3

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Cheap Trick At Budokan:
Are You Ready To Rock?

"While their records were entertaining and full of skillful pop, it wasn't until
At Budokan that Cheap Trick's vision truly gelled. Many of these songs, like "I Want You to Want Me" and "Big Eyes," were pleasant in their original form, but seemed more like sketches compared to the roaring versions on this album. With their ear-shatteringly loud guitars and sweet melodies, Cheap Trick unwittingly paved the way for much of the hard rock of the next decade, as well as a surprising amount of alternative rock of the 1990s, and it was At Budokan that captured the band in all of its power."

Hello there ladies and gentlemen. I found this on YouTube, it's
the opening to the "original Japanese TV broadcast of Cheap Trick's legendary Live at Budokan performance in Tokyo April 1978." Finally, we can see the "set-up and sound check for the show, the band talking, joking, and hamming it up for the TV cameras as they walk to the stage, the loud shrieking Japanese girls, and the Budokan arena buzzing with anticipation." The video features the studio version of "Surrender," and then the live version of "Hello There." I hope you enjoy the video and for your consideration, "California Man," a bonus track not found on the original release of the album. I'm just sayin'

Monday, August 14, 2006

Sunny Days:
Meet Abby Cadabby!

Look, here at (i'm just sayin'), it's not always going to be about monster rock bands, occasionally it's just gonna be about monsters... or in this case fairies. Meet "Abby Cadabby." She is a self described "fairy in training" and the newest muppet, errrrrr, member to move in to the neighborhood of "Sesame Street."

"Sesame Street" begins it's 37th season August 14th and introduces the newest character (the first new female Muppet to join the program in over 13 years) to the show with an "emphasis-on social and emotional growth rather than "ABCs and 123s." Pre-school children and unemployed stoners who watch the program will follow Abby as she meets everyone on Sesame Street, and tag along as she goes to school for the first time with her new friend Baby Bear.

Abby, whose catchphrase is "that's so magic," carries a "magic wand" and uses rhyme and magic to express herself. She's a youngster who knows just enough about magic to get herself in a jam but not always enough to get out of trouble.

Subsitute the word magic for dope from that passage, and ironically, the same could be said about Snoop Dogg. I'm just sayin'.

Guest appearances this season include John Legend, Jamie Foxx, Amy Sedaris, Matt Lauer, and Shirley Jones who will play Mother Goose. As always, there will be plenty of parodies of current television shows. This season we will see Law & Order: Special Letters Unit M, and Survivor: Musical Chairs.

37 years. Are we that old? Sunny days indeed. Here's something for you to trip on, for your consideration, my favorite song ever from the show "Mahna Mahna," the original version and a version recorded by Cake. Cake's a band that I really enjoy and is releasing a concert cd called
"Live From The Crystal Palace" very soon. Enjoy!

For your consideration:

Mahna Mahna & The Two Snowths - Mahna Mahna Mp3
Cake -
Mahna Mahna Mp3

The Monster Mash:
Breakfast With The Beatles

Ahhh, Monday. Wanna know how I know it's Monday? Because I didn't wake up to the sounds of Beatles music playing over my alarm clock. You see, "Breakfast With The Beatles," radio's longest running show dedicated to the band, has played lovely little dittys for a couple of hours every Sunday morning since 1983. Now I don't really wanna stop the show, but I thought you'd all like to know, that come September 10th, it will be no more. Are you ready for some football? "Breakfast's" current station in Los Angeles, 97.1 KLSX, has decided in the meantime that paid programming would be more profitable as a lead-in to NFL football. Said program director (and noted Howard Stern foil) Jack Silver, "hopefully there will be a spot for it somewhere else in the fall schedule, and if not, we hope it will return on the first Sunday in January… It's the only music feature we still have on the station." Ummm, read that quote again my friend. Have you ever seen a TV show return from the dreaded "On Hiatus" stigma? Ask our "Friend" Matt LeBlanc about that one, he'll tell ya. And this ain't even TV, it's terrestrial radio, a medium struggling for ears in this day of iPods and XM, and Jack must show a commitment to his advertisers rather than say, uhhh, his loyal listeners.

Oh, and the end of Jack's statement does not bode well for the show either. It's the only music show they "still" have on the station? Kiss of death. I get the feeling that 97.1 will be all talk in no time. So unless host Chris Carter, who took over the program upon the passing of FM Rock DJ pioneer Deirdre O'Donoghue five years ago, finds a new home for the show, the final broadcast will be Septemeber 3rd. I guess there goes another link to the legendary L.A. rock station KMET, and the heyday of FM rock radio. Jim Ladd, you're next. Lord have mercy.

Ya think the kids at 95.5 KLOS might wanna get their hands on a show that has been supported with call-ins from Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and Yoko Ono? It would be a perfect fit, wouldn't it? I'm just sayin.

Ok, ok, the mashup... since we're talking about the Beatles, here's one that mashes up "A Day In The Life" and Radiohead's "Karma Police," entitled "Karma In The Life." The track was mashed by Go Home Productions, who also did the mashup "Karmastition" which I posted previously. Enjoy!

For your consideration:

Go Home Productions - Karma In The Life (The Beatles Vs. Radiohead) Mp3