Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Punch Or Lunch?

Heya folks, new feature here, it's called "Punch or Lunch." It will feature people and things who I either want to punch or buy lunch. Let's try it shall we?

Actor, Justin Long of the film "Accepted" and "Mac" in those Mac commercials. Punch or Lunch?

Answer: Punch. Pull him up from the strings of his blue hoodie and punch him right in the friggin nugget.

The cast of "Rescue Me." Punch or Lunch?

Answer: Lunch. It's the easily the best television show of the summer. "Rescue Me" is a delightful blend of gritty drama and goofy comedy that tackles topics as serious as 9/11, rape, death, and alcoholism. If you haven't caught it yet, you are missing out. Don't be a retard (yep, that's a "Rescue Me" inside joke), catch the last two episodes remaing of this season on FX, then rent the DVDs of previous seasons, trust me.

Baby Seals. Punch or Lunch?

Answer: It's a toughie, but PUNCH! Anything that cute likely needs to be taken down a notch. I'm just sayin!

So what do you think? Cast your votes in the comment section, and let me hear ya!

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Karsten said...

Your humor is just absolutely the best! Watch him been taken down a notch:{1AE979E3-67B2-4AC0-A26D-17D11CF1EAB6}/