Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Cheap Trick At Budokan:
Are You Ready To Rock?

"While their records were entertaining and full of skillful pop, it wasn't until
At Budokan that Cheap Trick's vision truly gelled. Many of these songs, like "I Want You to Want Me" and "Big Eyes," were pleasant in their original form, but seemed more like sketches compared to the roaring versions on this album. With their ear-shatteringly loud guitars and sweet melodies, Cheap Trick unwittingly paved the way for much of the hard rock of the next decade, as well as a surprising amount of alternative rock of the 1990s, and it was At Budokan that captured the band in all of its power."

Hello there ladies and gentlemen. I found this on YouTube, it's
the opening to the "original Japanese TV broadcast of Cheap Trick's legendary Live at Budokan performance in Tokyo April 1978." Finally, we can see the "set-up and sound check for the show, the band talking, joking, and hamming it up for the TV cameras as they walk to the stage, the loud shrieking Japanese girls, and the Budokan arena buzzing with anticipation." The video features the studio version of "Surrender," and then the live version of "Hello There." I hope you enjoy the video and for your consideration, "California Man," a bonus track not found on the original release of the album. I'm just sayin'

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