Monday, August 14, 2006

The Monster Mash:
Breakfast With The Beatles

Ahhh, Monday. Wanna know how I know it's Monday? Because I didn't wake up to the sounds of Beatles music playing over my alarm clock. You see, "Breakfast With The Beatles," radio's longest running show dedicated to the band, has played lovely little dittys for a couple of hours every Sunday morning since 1983. Now I don't really wanna stop the show, but I thought you'd all like to know, that come September 10th, it will be no more. Are you ready for some football? "Breakfast's" current station in Los Angeles, 97.1 KLSX, has decided in the meantime that paid programming would be more profitable as a lead-in to NFL football. Said program director (and noted Howard Stern foil) Jack Silver, "hopefully there will be a spot for it somewhere else in the fall schedule, and if not, we hope it will return on the first Sunday in January… It's the only music feature we still have on the station." Ummm, read that quote again my friend. Have you ever seen a TV show return from the dreaded "On Hiatus" stigma? Ask our "Friend" Matt LeBlanc about that one, he'll tell ya. And this ain't even TV, it's terrestrial radio, a medium struggling for ears in this day of iPods and XM, and Jack must show a commitment to his advertisers rather than say, uhhh, his loyal listeners.

Oh, and the end of Jack's statement does not bode well for the show either. It's the only music show they "still" have on the station? Kiss of death. I get the feeling that 97.1 will be all talk in no time. So unless host Chris Carter, who took over the program upon the passing of FM Rock DJ pioneer Deirdre O'Donoghue five years ago, finds a new home for the show, the final broadcast will be Septemeber 3rd. I guess there goes another link to the legendary L.A. rock station KMET, and the heyday of FM rock radio. Jim Ladd, you're next. Lord have mercy.

Ya think the kids at 95.5 KLOS might wanna get their hands on a show that has been supported with call-ins from Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and Yoko Ono? It would be a perfect fit, wouldn't it? I'm just sayin.

Ok, ok, the mashup... since we're talking about the Beatles, here's one that mashes up "A Day In The Life" and Radiohead's "Karma Police," entitled "Karma In The Life." The track was mashed by Go Home Productions, who also did the mashup "Karmastition" which I posted previously. Enjoy!

For your consideration:

Go Home Productions - Karma In The Life (The Beatles Vs. Radiohead) Mp3

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