Tuesday, February 27, 2007

You Want The Best?
You Got The Best! KISS!

KISS lives. Actually, to be honest, they'll never die, not as long as Gene "The Demon" Simmons has money to be made (and as a member of the loyal KISS Army, I say that with love).

It was announced recently that "KISS Comics Group" will launch its inaugural comic book entitled, "KISS 4K." Oh sure, as kids we all had the KISS comics rumored to be printed with the blood of the band members, but this one is different. "KISS 4K" will be the first KISS comic ever produced with involvement of the band themselves. Also, as with everything related to the band, it will be bigger and better than anything else out there. The "KISS 4K" comic will be available for the first time ever in an oversized $50 "Destroyer Edition" at the Wizard World Los Angeles Convention this March, and has the honor of being the biggest comic book ever produced, measuring 30 inches high by 18 inches wide. Look, you wanted the best? You got the best. Here are a look at the covers, and of course a look at the new incarnations of the band.

The comic will continue in an ongoing series starting up in May by writer Rcky Sprague and artist Kevin Crossley. Also, there will be an online KISS comic running in conjunction "KISS 4K" that will expand upon the continuity and story of the print version. So what is the comic all about? According to the KISS website, "the whole storyline, which is a twelve issue arc that branches off into other KISS storylines, goes from dimension to dimension and universe to universe as our friends at KISS have to save all the universes, or at least our very own while the others blow up along the way." No word on whether or not they have to meet the Phantom. Here's the trailer for the comic and for your consideration, a few lessons in Kiss-tory in the form of some MP3s.

For Your Consideration:
KISS - Detroit Rock City Mp3
KISS - Love Gun Mp3
KISS - Beth Mp3


Carye said...

I hate them..they didnt hire my husband!!!

Anonymous said...

maybe it wasnt personal, and if so, why r you on a webpage about them if you dont like them?