Monday, July 17, 2006

The Monster Mash

I did it. A full week of postings. Monday is here, and we're off to our first themed day. Here at (I'm Just Sayin), Mondays will be Mashup day. Every Monday you'll get a new mashup, unless of course something better comes along. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know you are all clamoring for the new Audioslave and Killers tracks, but I am sure you can find that elsewhere. Today's mashups are "Karmastition" and "Stars On 45."

2005's "Karmastition" is a killer track that mashes up Stevie Wonder's funky classic "Superstition" and the ever fine Alicia Keys's "Karma." The mashup was created by Mark Vidler at Go Home Productions, and was a huge hit overseas. Enjoy.

1981's "Stars on 45" might not be exactly considered a mashup in the purest sense, but I wanted you to hear it just the same. According to Wikipedia (the free encylopedia!) the "origin of the single is the Netherlands where numerous bootleg disco singles were floating around and Willem van Kooten, the owner of one of the copyrights, decided to make a similar, legitimate record. He found singers who sounded similar to John Lennon and Paul McCartney and decided to make the single focus on The Beatles." The song contains snippets of Venus, Sugar Sugar, No Reply, I'll Be Back, Drive My Car, Do You Want to Know a Secret, We Can Work It Out, I Should Have Known Better, Nowhere Man, and You're Going to Lose That Girl. The single reached number one (!) on the Billboard Hot 100 on June 20, 1981, and was aside from "Yellow Submarine" (I am ashamed to admit) my introduction to the Fab Four. Hey, cut me some slack, I was ten years old, ok? I'm just sayin!

For your consideration:
Karmastition - Go Home Productions MP3

The Stars On 45 Medley - The Stars On 45 MP3

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