Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Can You Hear Me Now?
Beck's New Single

My favorite Loser, Beck has secretly unveiled a new song from his upcoming album to be released later this year. The tune is called "Cell Phone's Dead," and represents what Beck and producer Nigel Godrich feel is a return to his hip-hop roots. The new album is said to be an infusion of Beck's more "reflective work" found on "Mutations" and "Sea Change" backed with the flavorful music of "Odelay" and "Mellow Gold." The packaging of the untitled cd will include a sheet of stickers so that fans can create their own personalized cover. Good ol' Beck, revolutionary musician and "Colorforms" connoisseur. Below you can see the first video from the album, the low budget, but always innovative standard we've come to expect.

The song is called "Think I'm in Love."

On another front, it's been 10 years since Beck's "Odelay" album was released, and an anniversary re-issue is due out later this year. Included in the package is an extra disc of b-sides, remixes, as well as "Deadweight" from the 1997 film "A Life Less Ordinary." Sure to be included on the bonus disc is "Burro," a mariachi version of "Jack Ass" entirely sung en Espanol. But you can get it here first. ¡Acabo de decir!

For you consideration:
Beck - Cell Phone's Dead Mp3

Beck - Burro Mp3

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