Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Seriously, I really want it. MTV celebrated it's 25th birthday yesterday, and to celebrate it, I took in a total of 3 minutes of viewing time to see what the channel was up to. And what did I see? Was it the latest video from Snow Patrol? A classic from Tom Petty? Nope. I watched kick boxing. Yep, kick boxing... on MTV! Happy Birthday MTV! YOU SUCK! The show, yes, on MTV, was called "Final Fu." What the hell is "Final Fu?" Nope, it wasn't a parody music video done by Dave Grohl and company, it was a actual half hour show devoted to kung fu matches. Apparently it is a reality show (ugh) hosted by Ernie Reyes Jr., a martial artist himself, that pits various martial artists against each other in challenges and point sparring matches, to find out which "style" will come out on top. Ummm, don't we have ESPN at 3AM for that kind of stuff?

Shouldn't there have been some live show marking such a landmark day? I'm sure Aerosmith and Run D.M.C. were available for a reunion. How about a top twenty-five all time MTV moments special? Hell, I could even watch the making of "Thriller" for the gazillionth time!

Oh, by the way? MTV also celebrated another anniversary yesterday. They celebrated 15 years of not showing any videos. Umm, last I checked, the "M" in MTV stands for music, right? Perhaps they should have called the show "Final F.U.," because that is what the network seems to be telling me these days. Somewhere, J.J. Jackson is spinning in his grave. Happy birthday MTV, may you too rest in peace. I'm Just Sayin'

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