Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Saturday Night Switch:
SNL Casts A New Look

Next month NBC's "Saturday Night Live" will begin it's 32nd season, and it will be without at least a third of last year's cast. Cast members Chris Parnell, Horatio Sanz and Kenan Thompson have been fired, along with the already announced departures of Tina Fey and Rachel Dratch. Word is still out as to wether or not impresario Darrell Hammond will be offered a contract, so keep those dreams of more Donald Trump "Dominios" commercial parodies on hold. Fey and Dratch are set to star in "30 Rock," an Office-like comedy that marks the series televsion debut of Alec Baldwin, and his schweaty balls.

Even Weekend Update will be getting a makeover. Returning cast memeber Amy Poehler will not be handling the duties as a solo correspondent, that job has now been given to relative newcomer, Jason Sudeikis (pictured right).

Speaking of Sudeikis, it looks like the cast has been completely Samberg-tized, and I am worried that producer Lorne Michaels has made the same mistake he made years ago when the cast transformed from the Mike Meyers/Dana Carvey years to the Adam Sandler/David Spade era...a move to a more stupid frat guy comedy. What the show doesn't need is more bits about eating lettuce Lorne. I'm just sayin'

Where is the "glue?" And by that, I mean who fills in the Ackroyd/Hartman role? This is why I am most upset about the departure of Parnell. By the way? This is actually the second time he's been fired from the show. Hopefully he will return, cause that guy is talented. Umm, wasn't he in the only big thing that came out of SNL last season? And by that I am referring to the short film "Lazy Sunday?" Bad move Lorne, "Merv the Perv" coulda been your next big movie! Fire Seth Meyers instead, that guy's a stiff!

And finally, we wave goodbye to Horatio Sanz. He will always be remembered as the fat guy who laughed on camera with Jimmy Fallon and stuck out his tongue waaaaay too much. Yes, his Elton John was dead on, and his "Gobi" will always be a "hit" with the stoner crowd. So with that, here is one of good ol Horatio's finest moments from last season, "It's Carol!"

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