Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Let Them Eat Cake!

If you haven't checked out and then bookmarked I AM FUEL, YOU ARE FRIENDS, then seriously, you are a total claimer. On a daily basis Heather consistently cranks out posts of such high quality that it puts the rest of us (ok, just me) to shame. Yesterday, as with every Monday, she had her Monday Music Roundup and included a cover version of Black Sabbath's "War Pigs" from one of my favorite bands, Cake. Never heard that version before, and I'm thankful she posted it. I guess this makes up for me losing out on a contest to win a sweet litho of an Oasis album cover (but at least I had my entire entry mentioned, read it here, I'm just sayin'). So, needless to say, her post kind of inspired me to check in on Cake.

I had heard last year that they were going to release a live album. But the damn thing never came out. Here's what the band's website had to say:

"The “Live at the Crystal Palace” CD will not be coming out this fall due to CAKE’s strict quality control enforcement. We are still working on it for next year. Thank-you for your patience and understanding."

I wonder what the heck
that was all about! Problems with the label? The mixing? Kinda vague dontcha think? Instead it looks like the band will be releasing a "Rarities" album in 2007 and the cover of "War Pigs" will be included. Check out their myspace page for more tracks.

Anyway, there is at least one track from the concert that is available, and I bring it to you. The track is called "Mexico," and the original version of the song can be found on their "Prolonging the Magic" release. And for some "frosting on the Cake," I have also included a live version of "Never There" from the 2004 release "ONXRT Live From the Archives, Vol. 7" because I'm cool like that.

For Your Consideration:
Cake - Mexico (Live At The Crystal Palace) Mp3
Cake - Never There (Live) Mp3

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