Friday, July 28, 2006

Ain't Talkin' Bout Love!

Eddie Van Halen has officially lost it. First he lost his band, then he lost his hot TV wife, and now he has flat out lost his mind. If you haven't heard already, Eddie has signed a deal to supply two original songs for the soundtrack to director Michael Ninn's latest film. And if you are like most of America, you are asking yourself, "Who the hell is Michael Ninn?" Well, let's just say he's been busy directing movies since 1992... in porn. Eddie Van Halen, rock innovator and guitar god, is supplying two original songs for a skin flick. You read that right, pornography. It is not known who will supply the vocals for the songs, but since Diamond Dave's failed attempt to replace Howard Stern in New York resulted in his career change to an NYC paramedic, he is available for hire... and cheap.

Van Halen is the first famous rock star to record new material especially for an adult movie (there have been plenty who starred in one) and his new tunes, "Rise" and "Catherine," will be featured in the film, "Sacred Sin."

Eddie is not concerned about being criticized for promoting pornography: "I'm working with a friend. Very simple, I like his work." Apparently Eddie has had a lot of free time on his hands not playing with his legendary band. At least now the world knows what he
has been playing with. "Michael Ninn is like Spielberg to me: the imagery, the way he makes things look, just sensual." Insert your "Eruption" joke here. I'm just sayin.

For your consideration:
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