Friday, July 28, 2006

KaBlam! Kazaa To Pay More Than $115 Million

First it was Napster, now it's Kazaa. May the freewheelin, downloadin days of the nineties rest in peace. Kazaa, one of just a handful of pioneering file-sharing programs, in an effort to become more legitimate has settled their lawsuits from around the world for a mighty sum of 115 million dollars. Score one for the music and movie industry as another great internet program becomes their emasculated lapdog.

"Kazaa" said Thursday it will redesign its pioneering file-sharing program to block customers who try to find and download copyrighted music and movies. It also will offer licensed entertainment for a price. Whoopie! In other words, it's going to suck. Oh, and just to keep you more thrilled, Kazaa will still have their signature spyware attached to the application. So enjoy that. Not only will you not get to download anything cool, but they'll still be giving away all of your information about it as well.

"Kazaa has been yesterday's file-sharing technology for some time now," said Eric Garland, chief executive at BigChampagne Online Media Measurement, which tracks online entertainment. "We're resolving court battles months or even years after the cultural relevance of these software applications has waned." So basically, we moved on... to blogs. Am I next? Better get that Van Halen track while you can!

Just a side note, that picture of Eddie below still cracks me up! Dirty old man. I'm just sayin!

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