Wednesday, August 09, 2006

U2: Walk On

I was watching "Rescue Me" last night and it had reminded me, along with this week's opening of the motion picture "World Trade Center," that next month we are heading to the five year anniversary of the tragic events of 9/11. Five years. Time sure does fly when you're under a yellow terror alert doesn't it?

It always amazes me how certain songs can bring back certain memories. You remember what song was on the radio when you had your first kiss. You remember the song from your wedding. It gets to a point that whenever you hear it, you can almost taste the cake. Am I right? Well, for 9/11, there isn't a sole in our country that doesn't flash upon that horrific day when they hear Five For Fighting's "Superman (It's Not Easy)." I know I do, and for that, no matter how dated it gets, and how much I hate the song when I hear it, it will always bring back those memories. For me, five years ago, there was no finer and more heartfelt performance that summed up all of which we had been through than when U2 performed "Walk On" during the 9/11 Tribute to Heroes. It still resonates with me and whenever I hear the song, it brings back memories of the day.

Now that, is a song. Five years, people. What have we as a country learned? Are we any safer? Could it happen again? Let the emotions of the songs that we remember from that time in our lives serve as a reminder of what could be ahead of us. I'm just sayin'

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c said...

i agree with every single solitary word in this post....i'm just saying ;)