Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Under The Covers
With The Foo Fighters

We all have weird musical taste, right? You think you may know your friends backward and forward, but when you have a chance, peek into your friend's iTunes and I bet you'll begin to wonder what the hell you're doing hanging out with that person. I mean, why on Earth would you have Ace Of Base in there? You actually own England Dan & John Ford Coley? Oh my god, this guy has a copy of the keys to my house! What these people have in their collection defines who they were, and just as importantly, who they are now. We all have The Eagles in our iTunes, but the mere fact Olivia Newton John is in there says something more about you.

Which leads me to another topic, what some people don't have in their music library. My buddy who has over 60 gigs of music on his hard drive has an interesting theory to his collection. No live tracks, no acoustic versions, and especially NO COVER SONGS. I think he's missing out, especially on the cover tunes. He'd disagree with me on this, but I believe the cover song, when done well, is the best of all worlds. It's a song you already love, performed by a band you're fond of! What's wrong with that formula? Well, he'll say give "Sweet Child Of Mine" by Sheryl Crow (the queen of covers) a listen to and get back to him.

Ok, he's got me there, that thing is an abomination. But there are too many of them out there that simply rock, and that's not even counting the versions that have become more synonymous to the cover artist than the original artist. Stevie Ray Vaughn is an example of this, I'll take his version of "Little Wing" anyday. Speaking of which, when you think of "All Along The Watchtower," do you think of Hendrix or Dylan's original version? I'm just sayin'

So in honor of my good friend here's the Foo Fighters doing a live, acoustic, cover song of Eddie Money's 1977 classic "Baby Hold On." The track was performed live in 1999 for the Late Late Show With Craig Kilborn. Enjoy!

For your consideration:

The Foo Fighters - Baby Hold On (Live) Mp3

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Anonymous said...

Damn right I'll download some free Foo. Thanks for all the great blogs I'm Just Sayin.