Friday, September 01, 2006

For The Love Of Money: Trump Fires Carolyn!

It was bound to happen, nobody upstages the Donald. NBC announced Thursday that Donald Trump has fired his real life executive, and "Lady Di" TV sidekick, Carolyn Kepcher. According to reports, Carolyn was spending more time working on her celebrity status than the Trump golf courses she ran, and that kind of stuff just doesn't make good business sense.

"Donald and I had different visions for my future role in the company." she said. I
guess her vision included continued employment by the Trump organization, and co-starring on his television show "The Apprentice." Trump's vision did not. He incorporated larger roles for his kids on the show last season. Don't worry though, Carolyn retained an agent with International Creative Management and, in 2004, published a book called "Carolyn 101: Business Lessons from 'The Apprentice's' Straight Shooter." She even tried to audition to replace "the Black seat" held by Star Jones on ABC's "The View," sources said. I guess Carolyn just ain't street enough for Babs and her yappin' yentas.

Hey Carolyn? The show is called "The Apprentice." Umm, did you ever realize even for a second that you were working on a game show where in essence the winner replaces you? I'm just sayin!

My guess is that in the long run, she'll have a better fate than the show that spawned her popularity. Did anyone watch "The Apprentice" last season? It died on Monday nights competing against CBS's powerhouse sitcom "Two And A Half Men." Although the promos of "From 'Huge' to 'Medium" were quite clever,
even Trump couldn't on put his spin the ratings dip. Don't be surprised if NBC turns the table on Trump and uses his catchphrase against him. The show is obviously running out of steam, and this season looks like it's last... we hope.

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