Wednesday, August 30, 2006

UPDATES: Eddie Van Halen & The Black Crowes

Heya folks, I just wanted to update you on the topics some of my previous posts.

Stereogum has the two new Eddie Van Halen songs available for downloading. Click here for the songs. Click here for my article on the guitarist/perv. Oh, and one more time, enjoy the dirty old man picture to the right.

Also, I found the Black Crowes double CD "The Lost Crowes" available for your consideration. Click here for my article on the album. Click on the album cover for the link. The password is: N!MrOd

The Lost Crowes
Paint An 8 - Another Roadside Tragedy
If It Ever Stops Raining - Wyoming And Me
Predictable - Never Forget This Song
Lifevest - Grinnin - My Heart's Killing Me
Peace Anyway
A Conspiracy - Evil Eye - Cursed Diamond
P.25 London - Dirty Haired Halo
High Head Blues - Feathers - Nonfiction
Tied Up And Swallowed - Wiser Time
Sunday Night Buttermilk Waltz
Descending - Low Down - Tornado
Song Of The Flesh - Thunderstorm 654

Just a side note, it looks like Katie and Chris might be getting back together, despite those persistent rumors of her affair with Owen Wilson. I told you not to let her out of the house wearing that! I'm just sayin!

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