Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Crush Of The Week: Marisol Nichols

This week's edition of my "Crush of The Week" belongs to CTU's newest hotty Marisol Nichols. Nichols plays "Nadia Yassir, Associate Special Agent in Charge, Los Angeles Domestic Unit" on my favorite hour of Bauer, "24."

For the last few weeks it had been bothering me. Where had I seen this punam before? Then it clicked. My baby's all growns up! Marisol played "Audrey Griswold" in "National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation!" Here's the proof, and here's to you, my "Crush Of The Week," good luck keeping that Chloe in line.


Anonymous said...

that is 4 your D

Anonymous said...

she is not that good looking

Claim E. Claimer said...

That's why she's my crush and not yours! I'll try to do "better" next week, promise.