Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Have To Believe The Play Is Magic:
Xanadu To Broadway

Well, it looks like another Olivia Newton-John movie is moving to the stage. (Yes, I know that technically "Grease" was a play first, ok?) Her campy 1980 roller skating disco flop "Xanadu" has a five million dollar backing and is confirmed to open at the Helen Hayes Theater in NYC this April. Could a stage adaptation of "Two Of A Kind" be next? Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Actually the idea of "Xanadu" as a stage musical done in the vein "Hairspray" and "Momma Mia" isn't such a bad idea, and it just might work. Word is that Jane Krakowski, the Tony Award-winning stage and TV star last seen on Broadway in the Nine revival, could star in the Newton-John role as Kira. Currently Krakowski can been seen on the small screen in NBC's "30 Rock."

For those of you who have mentally blocked out the plot to the movie, here's a refresher: "Kira is a Greek muse sent to Earth to inspire mortals and artists in Venice, CA, in the 1980's. While on earth, Kira falls in love with an artist when helping him realize his dreams, including building a roller disco." stated a casting notice.

Yeah, is it coming back to you now? Remember the music? It wasn't all that bad for it an 80's roller disco flick, was it? Actually, to be honest, I consider the soundtrack packed with ELO compositions to be one of my guiltiest pleasures. I'm sure you do too. So go ahead, take a couple of the tunes below, put the headphones on and dance like it was 1980 all over again. I won't tell anyone. And hey, I promise the next post will have some serious rock in it just to cleanse your pallet. Cool? Cool.

For Your Consideration:

Olivia Newton-John & ELO - Xanadu Mp3
Olivia Newton-John - Magic Mp3
ELO - All Over The World Mp3

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Carye said...

This could be the greatest musical ever!!!!