Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Eric Prydz Vs Floyd: Proper Education

On January 1st 2007, Swedish "dance legend" Eric Prydz returned to Data Records to follow up his hit "Call On Me", with a blistering track sampling Pink Floyd's "Another Brick In The Wall (Part Two)."

This is the first time a Pink Floyd record has ever officially been cleared for usage as a sample. The song laces David Gilmour's vocals with an immense electro bassline. The track has recently appeared on America's Hot Dance Airplay, while in the UK it has been put on the playlist for numerous commercial stations and Radio 1.

This song will either make your ears bleed or get you groovin. There is no middle ground. My take? Well, it kinda makes me wanna grab a pacifier out of my Hello Kitty backpack and stare at it for hours, then find Roger Waters and punch him in the glowstick. You can decide for yourself, it's worth at least one listening.

For Your Consideration:
Eric Prydz Vs Floyd - Proper Education Mp3

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