Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Black Crowes:
High Anticipation For New Material

Good news from the Black Crowes! Management for the band has confirmed that the Robinson brothers have been in the studio in New York and Los Angeles working on material for a new album. Pete Angelus, the band’s longtime manager, announced that the album is expected to be released sometime in 2007. It would mark The Black Crowes first album of new studio material in six years.

From the inception of their reunion,” says Angelus, “Chris and Rich have written a substantial amount of material which they have been sorting through recently with friend and producer Paul Stacey. We expect to continue recording at the conclusion of the fall tour and are planning for a 2007 release."

To celebrate this news, here are some live Crowes mp3s... kinda. Taken from their Halloween show in 2006, as tradition, The Black Crowes open their show in costume as a cover band. Older shows had them perform as BC/DC, dressed as Angus Young and the gang performing AC/DC classics (pictured left). For their 2006 show, held at the Riveria Theater in Chicago, the Crowes came out as "The Bitch Boys" and performed a couple of Beach Boys tunes, climaxing with the classic late 80's "Cocktail" hit, "Kokomo!" Enjoy.

Here's the setlist:

"The Bitch Boys"
1) Intro
2) Surfin' USA
3) Fun, Fun, Fun
4) You Are So Beautiful
5) Kokomo

For Your Consideration:

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