Monday, February 12, 2007

Runnin' With The Method

If I told you that there was an original soundtrack of electronic music made where the tempo of the track begins at a slower pace to take you through a gradual warm up, then increases that pace over the course of the album, and then gradually decreases tempo as part of a cool down, what would you use it for? The dance floor or bedroom activities?

How about some exercise of a different, more literal kind? Running. Billed as a "45-minute continuous electronic music mix as a soundtrack for sport," one of my all time favorite electronic music acts, the Crystal Method's "Drive: Nike + Original Run" is an original soundtrack that can be used for just about anything you can think of, including those activities mentioned above.

"It's a challenge because usually when we create music, we're focused on what we like and what our fans will like. We're not accustomed to thinking about a particular activity that has to go with the music." Crystal Method's Scott Kirkland said. "For this project, we thought about the movement and the energy that goes into exercising and running and the sort of goal-oriented activity that goes along with working out. When I've worked's always about goals: 'I'm doing the uphill now, I've got four minutes until I get to the goal.' So we created songs that have a lot of dynamic motion to them, songs that go places." And while listening to this 45 minute continuous jam, oh those places you will go.

As for the group itself, all is quiet on the new release front, but you can currently catch The Crystal Method on tour and on the radio every Friday night as they host their own show called "Community Service" on LA's own Indie 103.1. The show is dedicated to "delivering the freshest breaks, beats, and electronic music to the masses." Be sure to check it out.

For Your Consideration:
The Crystal Method - Drive + Nike Original Run (Full 45 Minute Version) Mp3
The Crystal Methed - Drive + Nike Original Run (3 Minute Sampler) Mp3

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