Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Land Of The Lost

Has "Lost" lost it? Last Wednesday night's episode was the lowest rated first run episode since the series began. The show drew an estimated 12.8 million viewers last week in it's new time slot. ABC moved the show to 10pm to avoid Fox's ratings monster "American Idol." Unfortunately for execs at ABC, more people seem to be watching CSI New York at 10pm over on CBS. Ok, so the ratings are down. In simple terms that means more people are leaving the island and moving on. They've stopped watching. Perhaps they've grown tired of the show, and it's increasingly confusing storylines. I must admit that after watching last week's episode, I half expected "The Log Lady" to show up to tell Desmond that a dancing midget will appear with incredible apple pie for him to share with Charlie and Hurley.

And for me? As lost as I am while watching "Lost," I'm sticking with it. As confusing (and frankly, unsatisfying) as the show has been lately, it has too good of a pedigree for there not to be something really cool around the bend. I've invested way too much time into it for there not to be. Oh sure, I fully expect there to be more questions than answers, and I totally understand that it's all a part of the "Lost" experience. That being said, there better be something wonderful coming, because I really don't want "Lost" to mirror my "Twin Peaks" experience. The final season of that groundbreaking program left a real sour taste in my mouth and in a way ruined my entire opinion of the show when I reflect upon on it.

So are you lost too? What the hell is happening on the island? Jesus, for that matter, what island are we even on?

Alright, some of you might have been wondering where you can get that song that they keep playing on "Lost." You can get it here. It's called "Make Your Own Kind Of Music," and it is sung by Mama Cass Elliot of "The Mamas And The Papas." It reached #36 on the Billboard Pop charts back in 1969, and the dance version of the song (also available here) went to #11 on the Hot Dance Charts in 1997 after appearing in a motion picture called "Beautiful Thing." Enjoy ya claimers.

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Marv said...

They promised in the promo for this week that we would get answers to 3(!) of the island's biggest mysteries.

I still watch. I still have hope. Like you, I think they'll pull out of the spin and hopefully wrap everything up with a nice climax and then kill off the series at the end of season 5 with a nice resolution to the plot.

Fingers crossed.