Thursday, February 08, 2007

Bonus Tracks: Beck & The Hold Steady

I want you to look very carefully at these two covers for The Hold Steady's album "Boys And Girls In America." Do you see a difference between the two? There is. Look again, I'll give you a sec. Ok, do you give up? I know what you're sayin... dude, this guy's claimin there's a difference between these two albums and I swear to god I don't see it! Well, here's the difference, the album on the righ
t is the "Import" version, and contains four bonus songs for your listening enjoyment. Pissed? Good.

If there's one thing that really grinds my gears (yes, that's a "Family Guy" reference) about living in America, musically speaking of course, is that we don't have the same access to the bonus tracks from an album's release that the rest of the world has. I mean, what's the deal with that? Why is it that someone in England or Australia gets to hear more from an artist than we do? Really, why do we as hard working Americans have to buy an "import?" My assumption on this issue of different versions for these releases is to get the consumer to buy more of the product. It always comes down to money, right? If I love Beck's music that much, why wouldn't I buy the Japanese version of cd with the extra music on it, right? If the Foo Fighters have a bonus cover song and a couple live tracks on their Australian release, shouldn't I buy that one for ten dollars more instead?

Another excuse, err, reason to add songs to international releases is perhaps because cds cost so much more in those countries and labels and artists feel customers need to get more value for the exorbitant price they paid. That's so noble of them to take their
fans into consideration. But what about those of us in America? Hey, I wanna hear those Beck tracks too. You already got my fifteen dollars at Best Buy for the commercial release without the bonus tracks, do I really wanna shell out another thirty for two extra songs?

There is a whole ball of wax, I'm opening up here, aren't I? And I haven't even mentioned the "bonus dvd" movement, which is another monster altogether
, isn't it?

I just have never understood this practice of the import cd, and now thankfully with the Internet, we have leveled the playing field. By the way? The Hold Steady aren't the only ones guilty of this practice either. From a quick glance at my iTunes library, Beck & The Foo Fighters, Snow Patrol, The Flaming Lips, and Jet are all culprits as well. So for you my dear readers and musical completest (from all over the world), I post to you what you're missing from two of my 2006's best albums list, bonus tracks from The Hold Steady's "Boys And Girls In America" and Beck's "The Information."

The Hold Steady "Boys And Girls In America" Bonus Tracks:
For Bost
on (Bonus Track)
Girls Like Status (Bonus Track)
Arms And Hearts (Bonus Track)
American Music (Bonus Track)

Beck "The Information" Bonus Tracks:
O Menina
Dark Star (TV On The Radio Remix)
Inside Out (Totally Claimin' side note: This track is highly recommended and should have been included on the original release of the album. Yeah, it's that good.)
This Girl That I Know

For Your Consideration:
The Hold Steady "Boys And Girls In America" Bonus Tracks Mp3s
Beck "The Information" Bonus Tracks Mp3s

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Anonymous said...

I feel your pain, and I agree but in most cases, it's not the artists' decision. Foo Fighters wanted to release their cover of "Darling Nikki" in the States but Prince wouldn't let them so that's why it's only on the Australian import.