Monday, February 05, 2007

The Church Says Hallelujah Here U2 Comes

Bring your Bibles and your lighters, U2 is hitting the pews. It was reported recently that the music of U2 is replacing traditional hymns for upcoming services to be held at a Church Of England. And they are not the first ones to do the switch.

"Churches all over the world are starting to replace hymns with the songs by the rock band in a bid to attract younger worshipers. Informally dubbed the 'U2-charist', after the rite of eucharist, it is an adapted version of the Holy Communion service where worshipers sing along to U2 hits like Beautiful Day and Mysterious Ways instead of traditional hymns." according to a report from The Electric Newspaper.

The Bishop Of Reverend Timothy Ellis, who is organizing the first 'U2-charist' service in St Swithin's church says, "They have demonstrated that they believe there is sanctity to life that has to be protected. If that makes them saints, then I would go along with that. We are hoping the service will be a fresh way to look at worship, less formal, and less rigid. This is not designed to replace traditional services but to enhance the worship provision of the Church."

There have even been books written about the subject. Get Up Off Your Knees: Preaching the U2 Catalog by Raewynne J. Whiteley, Beth Maynard is "A thoughtful and provocative collection of sermons by a group of preachers from across the international church spectrum who have been moved to theological reflection on the art and work of U2."

On A side note, a similar trend is happening at Jewish Synagogues across the country. Apparently the music of Barbara Streisand is replacing the traditional music af Temple services. Instead of the Haftorah, Jews will now sing selections from the soundtrack to "Yentl." (Yes, I'm kidding, but it wouldn't surprise me if they were looking into the music of Neil Diamond.)

So what U2 song helps you find what you're lookin for? Leave a claim!

For Your Consideration:
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