Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Oscar Leftovers? Best Original Song

When the nominees were announced for this year's Oscar for Best Original Song, three of the five slots went to tunes from Dreamgirls. You can read my previous post on the topic here. So naturally, once again, the Academy neglected some well deserved tracks from other movies that could have slipped in. Here are three that should have made the cut:

Chris Cornell's "You Know My Name" from "Casino Royale" was the best Bond song in years. It put the recent movie franchise's offerings from Garbage, Madonna, and Sheryl Crow to shame. Seriously, does anyone remember Shirley Manson belting out "The World Is Not Enough?" Eww. Cornell pounds out a rock tune that sets the tone for the new generation Bond, and that should have been recognized.

Jack Johnson's "Upside Down," from the animated children's film "Curious George," was totally overlooked. This breezy tune from the surfer turned singer has a mellow vibe and charm to spare that fit perfectly with the movie it accompanied.

Devotchka's "Til The End Of Time" epitomizes everything that the movie "Little Miss Sunshine" was supposed to be. Light hearted with a touch of whistle, it practically feels like the musical equivalent of a dysfunctional family road trip.

*Originally I was not going to add another song to this post, but this is just too good not to share it with you. I had been looking for this track for quite a while, and I finally found it. Giorgio Moroder won the Academy Award for Best Music Original Score for 1978's Turkish prison drama "Midnight Express." The first song on the soundtrack is called "Chase." It has everything you'd expect from a Moroder dance track, a pulsating beat, and a catchy hook. If you are not already familiar with the song by name, I guarantee you, you'll recognize it when you hear it. Just close your eyes and picture any montage of 70's sports highlights while you listen to it (it was always used as the background music) and it'll all come back to you!

For Your Consideration:
Chris Cornell - You Know My Name Mp3
Jack Johnson - Upside Down Mp3
Devotchka - Til The End Of Time Mp3
Giorgio Moroder - Chase Mp3

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